FILMKARAOKE is an installation I developed with a friend of mine in cooperation with the University of Applied Sience Potsdam. It enables you to be an actor in a famous movie scene (car scene). There are two bluescreen boxes, one for the driver and one for the co-driver. In front of you is a screen with the text and acting intructions and each of the actors is filmed by a camera. The signals from the two cameras were merged together with a pre-produced background scene. The result is that you are in the scene on the big screen. (The background scene and the text are adapted from movies like, Fear and Loathing in Las VegasU, Terminator 2U, The 5th Element, etc.)

The installation was shown at the EmergeandseeU Festival Berlin 2006 and at the Filmtage HavellandU Rathenow 2005